Why are Amazon ads not getting impressions?

Amazon ads not getting impressions?

If you’re struggling to not get enough impressions for your Amazon campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, We’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to figure out what might be causing the issue.

Impressions in Amazon PPC refer to the number of times your ad is displayed to users. If your campaign isn’t generating enough impressions, your ad is not being seen by potential customers, which eventually reduces your chances of making sales.

Campaign Status:

First, ensure that your campaign is healthy and eligible. Check the status in your advertising console at both the campaign and ad group levels. Make sure it’s set to “delivering” and that you have an active live listing with the buy box.

Amazon ads not getting impressions?

Target Relevant Keywords:

Evaluate the keywords you’re targeting. Are they relevant to your product? Your keywords should closely match your product to avoid showing irrelevant ads to customers, which Amazon doesn’t like. Make sure that the keyword is indexed in your listing, and mention it inside your Amazon listing copywriting.

Keyword Search Volume:

Be cautious with targeting low-volume keywords. While they may seem attractive due to less competition, they might be too niche and not generate sufficient search traffic.

Keyword Bids:

Check your keyword bids as well. If your bids are too low, your ad might not be competitive enough against others. Amazon PPC operates as an auction, and increasing your bid can improve your ad’s visibility.


Check the placement report and see where Amazon showing your ads. If Amazon not showing your ads on the top of the search results, then you need to increase the bid to get the top spot.

amazon advertising impressions


Examine your budget. If it’s set too low, especially for competitive bids, your ads may pause before the day ends. Consider having a maximum of five keywords per campaign to manage your budget effectively.

Additionally, be mindful of both campaign and account-level budgets. If these are too restrictive, your ads might not get enough exposure. Increase your budgets gradually as you see positive results to capture more impressions, clicks, and sales.

It’s okay to begin with smaller budgets and lower bids when you just starting. However, once you see clicks and orders coming in, don’t be afraid to increase your bids and budgets to boost your chances of success.

I hope these tips help improve your Amazon PPC campaign. If you found value in this post, please like and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights. Thanks for reading, and will see you in the next one!

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